BT ODOY is a Lighting Designer, Electrician, and Theatre Technician based in Connecticut. He has worked as the assistant & associate designer on many shows across multiple disciplines of live events. Along with his skills in Theatre, he is also an accomplished multi-instrumentalist. He has played in pits for local shows, as well as accompanied Church services on both Piano and Organ. His technical theatre skills extend into other aspects of live event production such as video production, multicam production, cinematography, and video editing. Beyond this, he runs a he has produced music of his own and engineered multiple artists and bands, amassing over 1 million streams, all of which can be found on Spotify/iTunes.
Artistic Philosophy
I have always been driven to be creative, and to me, being creative means being a problem solver. No matter how diligently you plan, things are bound to go wrong. I believe there is art not only in the visual aspect that is seen on stage, but also in the hours spent in drafting software formulating the plan for how a show will run. To me, nothing is more rewarding than the feeling I get when the orchestra starts the overture with a live audience for the first time, or when the band comes onstage to begin their set. Being surrounded by people who also share a drive to create art, solve problems, and run a clean show is what drives me to work harder, strive higher, and better myself everyday.
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